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Episode 39 - I Scream Tacos

Posted on January 11th, 2017

In this podcast Rich and Patch are joined by the boys from I Scream Tacos.  Mark from IST had the genius idea to buy an Ice Cream van back in late 2015 and converted it into a Mobile Taco Van.  The van has been pimped up with some incredible artwork and can now been driving around Bristol Thursday to Sunday evenings delivering insanely good tacos.  Contact them on Facebook for orders and check out our Facebook page for some exclusive deals.

The podcast includes the boys from IST taking part in the usual segments, including this week our Top 3 songs of all time, which is always a passionate subject for Rich.  We start off with a look at the background and inspiration for the IST boys and then later in the show we get to taste and review the goods!!

This is one of our favourite podcasts to date!!  Check it out...