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3 gentlemen from Bristol, England giving their opinions on a wide range of subject matter.

Episode 82 - Panic at the… Avon Gorge

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Episode 81 - Merge In Turn

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Episode 80 - St Nicks Night Market ft Gurt Wings

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8 months on from our first encounter with Gurt Wings, we catch up with them again at the St Nicks Night Market on Corn Street.  

Episode 79 - The Incredible Sulk

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Patch interrupts Mike 5 minutes into his explanation about coconut water and Mike then sulks for the next 15 minutes... amongst other things!

Episode 78 - Werther’s Originals

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Episode 77 - Coming To America

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This week Patch was on a solo mission but hooked up with the Godfather of 3 Peaps Sean from the Mitchcast, which is the podcast responsible for us launching 3 Peaps.

Episode 76 - Wernham Blogg Podcast

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We catch up with 3 lads from the Wernham Blogg who have had recent success with their episodic review of The Office.  

Playing us out DJ Escallonia with Shrine Of Glory

Episode 75 - Cinstreem

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Have you ever wanted to watch the latest cinema releases at home? No annoying popcorn munchers next to you, no ones phone going off, no need for babysitters... well Josh Stone from Bedminster in Bristol will be launching Cinstreem later this year that aims to do just that.  In this podcast we aim to answer the questions that you probably have about this concept!  Follow him on Facebook & Twitter @cinstreem and if you have any further questions get in touch with him on Facebook.

Episode 74 - Hello YouTube!

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Episode 73 - Fruity As F

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In this episode it is Patch Rich and Mike around the dinner table talking about current events and topics including New Years Resolutions, Vegan Sausage Rolls... We also get to taste a New England IPA called Fruity AF (as f*&k) so tune in to see what we think of that.  Plus all the usual segments!

Music from DJ Myk - Every Single Time and DJ Escallonia with West Sky is our outro

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